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Pearl’s tools and frameworks are designed to kick-start your business growth.

A Guide to Design Thinking


3D Innovation Guide: A 3 Step Process to Kick-Starting Innovation


Strategic Framework: Strategy = Choices + Capabilities + Creativity


Design Thinking Made Easy: Design Thinking, simply put, is a “human centered” methodology or approach to innovation


Differences in Health & Wellness Behaviours – Infographic


Global Millennial Consumer Behaviours – Key Takeaways


A New Playbook for Millennial Tastes – Key Takeaways



Workshop & Presentations

Learn abut Pearl’s hands-no workshops and get a copy of keynote presentations.

Pearl’s Innovation Workshops: Designed to Solve Your Specfic Business Challenges


Canadian Grocer Conference: South Asian Path to Purchase

Ethnic Consumer and Media Habits


Canadian Grocer Conference: Understanding the Ethnic Consumer


Health & Wellness in Canada 2024


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how to calm your mind chris bailey

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