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We contextualize and amplify the voice of the consumer.

Human understanding goes beyond target demographics. Instead, we dive into stated and unstated needs and wants, and explore expectations consumers have regarding their relationship to brands. We seek to understand even the hidden and subconscious touchpoints that attract and detract from buying behavior because the opportunity is found in unmet consumer needs

Insights in Action

We uncover not just category insights, but human insights. We understand attitudes and behaviors with consumers that can lead to growth.


Qualitative Research

We take a deep dive into the inner life of consumers, unraveling perceptions, motivations, and barriers related to a brand. Using focus groups and bulletin boards, we profile distinct customer segments, a nuanced understanding of product preferences emerges and informs how your brand stacks up against competitors. These insights give businesses the meaningful intelligence needed to tailor strategies that resonate authentically with their target audiences.



U&A Study

This quantitative research study helps you understand your market at a deep level, who is buying what, from where and how often. In this study we explore the relationship between opinions/attitudes and consumption habits.



Observing consumers in their natural habitat – whether in the home, or tagging along on a lunch break – is one of the best ways to deep dive into consumer behavior. Because they are in their own space and environment, consumers are more open and honest. The insights we uncover here are useful to brand marketers, product developers, engineers, and designers as they can directly observe people using products.




Active interception of consumers in their real-world experiences can provide invaluable customer feedback. Off-the-cuff responses and in-the-moment reactions can enrich insights gained in a more formal setting and also provide interesting verbatims to understand a holistic experience of the consumer.


Quantitative Research

Building a foundation of customer insights requires validating qualitative findings with quantitative data. Segmentation strategies can enhance online bulletin board initiatives identifying attitudes and behaviors to inform the quantitative segmentation. Quantitative research is a methodology that can define the size of the prize and provide reliable data for decision-making.



Concept Testing

Concept testing serves as a pivotal step in gauging consumer response to a new idea or product before its full-scale launch. By capturing early feedback, businesses can refine their offerings, mitigate risks, and maximize potential success. This proactive approach not only ensures alignment with market demands but also propels a brand forward with data-driven confidence.


TURF Analysis

TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) Analysis is a cornerstone in food and beverage research, leveraging potent statistical insights to determine optimal product line-ups and marketing strategies. By revealing how various product combinations can maximize consumer reach without redundancy, TURF analysis offers clarity on potential market opportunities. Harnessing this intelligence allows brands to make data-informed decisions, and ensure a more successful forward trajectory in the competitive marketplace.