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We chart new paths for future innovation.

We discover, distill, and design custom innovation pipelines because we know a robust pipeline of new products is a key enabler to customer acquisition and growth.

Innovation in Action

We help companies sustain their innovation pipeline.


Business Strategy

Context is critical in innovation, and our first step for any innovation exercise is to understand your current business environment. We seek to unearth the trends in the industry, competitor initiatives, and your own goals to open up opportunities. Using our carefully crafted customer segments, we identify and prioritize opportunities and provide valuable insights to enhance a potential product, match it to a market opportunity, and optimize it for a successful launch.

Portfolio Strategy​
Business Strategy​


Platform Development

Every great idea, product, and brand needs a platform on which to stand. Using our proprietary Business Matrix, Platform Summary, and SPICE profiles, we distill discovered facts, and insights, and highlighted market opportunities into a strategic market-ready platform.


Idea Generation

We transform unmet needs into actionable innovation by generating ideas, gathering consumer feedback, and identifying optimal concepts for further testing. Our agile research methodologies are perfect for iterative ideation, product generation, and product testing feedback loops.

Innovation Strategy​


Develop an Innovation Pipeline

From all of the data gathered, we put together an innovation pipeline, projecting a three-year look into the future. This pipeline isn’t a prescriptive to-do list but rather an innovation game plan.


Product Testing

Testing and positioning require setting clear innovation priorities and completing rounds of purposeful and rigorous testing for businesses to validate a product’s appeal. Whether an IHUT or CLT, we evaluate products from the consumer’s perspective. It’s critical that what was developed addresses an unmet need for your target audience.



Product Launch

Positioning a product for success requires alignment on testing outcomes. This ensures that resources are efficiently directed towards innovations that resonate most with target consumers and have the highest likelihood of driving the company’s strategic growth.