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Trends for 2024 – Pearl’s Take

culinary trend

Pearl recently reviewed a study from Trend Hunter, exploring trends for 2024. Here is our take.


  • Technology focused – education.
  • Culinary interest – adventure and resourcefulness.
  • Millennial target focus – focus more on experience.
  • Wealth Accessibility – Gen X and for their children sharing learning and skills.


Technology focused

  • Helping students concentrate.
  • Hybrid learning environments at school or at home.
  • Eliminating distractions and procrastination from outside sources 
  • Refining motor skills while helping filter out background noise, especially for kids who are under 10.

technology trend

Culinary Interest

  • Instructional cooking activities have become more popular among parents and children.
  • Easy and useful skills to cook at home and engage with family members.
  • Tech is a big part of this, looking up recipes online, Google, Tik Tok or YouTube.

culinary trend

Millennials Target

  • More likely to quit their jobs. 
  • Economic disillusionment.
  • Burnout. 
  • Uncertain future perception.


Wealth Accessibility 

  • Gen X focuses on building generational wealth. 
  • Intentional focus and including other family members to help them to learn how to build wealth for their financial future.
  • Children focused apps that allow them to understand their financial future. 
  • Family friendly financial E- learning experiences.

Implications: Depending on your organizational strategic goals and objectives, lean into these trends to drive business growth. 

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Source: Trend Hunter, 2024

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