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The Year Ahead – Visions of the Future

Pearl Strategy and Innovation Design recently attended the webinar hosted by IPSOS where a global panel of experts discussed public opinion, global trends, and scenario planning. Six key questions were addressed, covering topics such as the economy, populism, conflict, climate change, work dynamics and population change. Here is Pearl’s take on insights from Canada.


Canada’s population is shrinking, and immigration is crucial for growth. People worry about expensive homes, leading to debates on immigration rules. Trust in leaders is okay but needs assurance. The economy might face problems.

Population Dynamics

Canada is experiencing a population decline, and immigration plays a crucial role in maintaining growth. The birth rate is at its lowest and net migration contributes significantly to population numbers.


Rising living costs, especially in housing are significant challenges. Debates on immigration policies arise due to concerns about the affordability of housing.

Trust in Institutions

Trust in institutions, including businesses, remains relatively stable. There are concerns about political leadership, indicating a need for reassurance and effective governance.