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Planning For a Post COVID-19 World


As Canadians have met their survival needs and stocked up on essentials, they are now adapting to life at home – working, school, cooking, exercise and entertainment. Canadians are developing new rituals, habits and rewiring their behaviours, some of which will last beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Similarly, brands also need to adapt to survive. For brands to gain or retain an important role in the lives of their target consumers, it is critical to understand how consumer needs and mindsets are evolving.

Here are 3 of our most popular insight & planning approaches that are effective and well suited to our COVID-19 world.

1. Mobile Ethnography: Ideal for situations when your objective is to gain deep understanding of the new consumer journey, changes in consumer personas, and role of your brand in their life. Identify opportunity areas and threats to brand growth, which will inform strategic planning priorities.



2. Online Quali-Quant Focus Groups: Ideal for situations when your objective is to rapidly discover, validate and co-create. Understand consumer insights, needs and opinions at scale in a highly interactive setting. Validate and optimize brand communications and package designs, or co-create new products & services.



3. In-Home Product & Service Testing: Ideal for situations when your objective is to re-launch an existing product or launch a new product/service. Understand the drivers of brand choice, assess product/service performance, optimize product/service design, and sharpen brand positioning in the increasingly important context of the consumers’ home environment.



By engaging your consumers now, you will possess the proprietary insights required to effectively reset your brand strategy for sustained growth in the post COVID-19 world. Want to win despite of covid-19 connect with us at


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