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Pearl’s POV on Hershey’s Kitchen


We checked out the new Hershey’s Kitchen in downtown T.O. Here is our assessment:

The Experience

The store was bright, fun, and smelled delicious! The storefront was covered in giant cookie decals, which were hard to miss, and the inside featured a “Life is Sweet” burst of candy with the Hershey’s name. They made the process simple by labeling where to order and pay from the moment you walked in.



The only downside was the 15+ minute wait time for two custom cookies (the actual baking process only takes 2 minutes).



Make Your Own Cookie

The process was simple – pick your dough (regular or peanut butter), pick up to 3 mix ins, wait for your cookie to be baked, enjoy! It was great to have a freshly baked cookie – it came out hot and smelled incredible. On the downside cookies were dough heavy rather than mix ins (which we were hoping to be the highlight), and also that the mix in selection was somewhat limited. We would have loved to have some more of their unique offerings available like their Hershey Gold bar, hot cocoa kisses, or a wider selection of Chipit flavours added to their mix in options.



Pre-Made Cookie

We were blown away by their pre-made “stuffed” cookies! We tried all 6 of the main ones on display and our tasters all gave them 10/10! The cookies were very true to flavour and contained lots of mix-in’s. The familiar taste of Cookies n’ creme and Reese’s were comforting, while the more unique flavours like Dark & Stormy and Hershey’s Eggie-nog were bold and seasonal.

These cookies would make a great addition to any upcoming holiday party – you can visit this pop-up Monday to Friday 7am-7pm in the Scotia Plaza section of the path until December 24th.



Photos by Pearl Strategy and Innovation Design. Do you have any questions about our offerings? Contact Susan Weaver at:


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