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AI trends

Pearl recently reviewed Trendhunter trends on AI and here is our take.

AI Support

Trend – Businesses are moving customer service units toward artificial intelligence. AI chatbots for customer service have complete knowledge of any trained dataset and can deliver instant answers to any related question to any number of customers at a time. This scalability saves money for the business and time for the consumer.

Insight – Some of the largest complaints with e-commerce and online retail interactions are related to misrepresented products, the inability to ask retail workers questions, and the slow response time of online customer service agents, particularly during high-traffic times. However, many customers in this space would rather deal with these challenges than shop physically due to travel or time constraints.

Language Support

Brands are using generative AI to launch language-teaching platforms

Trend – New startups are launching generative AI-powered platforms for language education. These platforms improve on previous language education services by delivering more advanced feedback, streamlined lessons, and reduced costs for consumers.

Insight – The largest and most successful language education platforms focus on short-session, asynchronous learning models. These consumers prioritize flexibility, choosing platforms that fit into their busy lifestyles. However, many platforms with flexible lessons are less effective than real-time, scheduled, human-led lessons. Brands are now mixing the convenience of asynchronous platforms with the effectiveness of lessons curated by human teachers by using advanced generative AI to power educational platforms.

Brands that are successful in using AI Tech

  • Beko’s Harvest Fresh Technology
  • Mercedes’s new voice activated tour guide
  • Ford’s voice controlled Cyber assistants.
  • Razer X a tech company, computers, support work through AI machine learning

Implications: Use AI to support the efficiency of understanding the consumer and customer experience and expand human understanding to drive your business growth.

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Source: TrendHunters, Trend Report 2024

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