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Last Minute Holiday Email Campaign Mastery

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Pearl Strategy and Innovation Design Inc. recently attended a webinar hosted by Zoho on holiday email campaigns and here are some tips to enhance your email marketing or content game during the holiday season.


  1. Evaluate your contact engagement
    • Test your contacts to understand if they are interested in your content.
    • Send a pre-holiday campaign email to gauge their interest or engagement rate.
  2. Remove disengaged contacts from your contact list
  3. Run the pre-holiday campaign again
    • Send another pre-holiday campaign to the remaining contacts to confirm their interest or to check the engagement.
    • Categorize your contacts in segments to send focused content.
    • The segment could be based on purchasing behaviour, customer type – loyal, one-time, or last minute and other demographics.
  4. Understand taste and preference
    • Focus the content on the right segment based on their taste and preferences.
    • Introduce localization in your content to evoke an emotional connection.
  5. Campaign launch timing
    • Launch at least two weeks before the event. For example, Christmas or New Year campaigns should be launched 2 weeks prior with better offers.
    • Create a sense of urgency – offer more discount now than later to initiate immediate purchase.
    • Consider sending after hours to have the best chance for engagement amid the busy holiday season.


Tips for Content

  • Content should reflect the flavour of the season and brand colours. Example – Holiday themed template or offers.
  • Focus on quick content and a clear message.
  • Create an intriguing subject line to generate curiosity and design an eye-catchy template.
  • Optimize the content for mobile users.
  • Embrace urgency – discount now rather than later.
  • Deliverability – avoid spam words. example- Free, discount, cash etc. The image should be clear and links should be working
  • Call for action – The interactive portion of your email should be easily accessible.


Conclusion: Mastering your last-minute holiday email campaign requires a strategic and well-thought-out approach. 

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Source: Zoho, December 2023

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