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How To Innovate In An Era Of AI – Pearl’s Take On Trend Hunter AI Trends

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Pearl recently attended a webinar from Trend Hunter on how to innovate in an era of AI. Here is our take.


AI represents a significant and transformative shift in our lives and work, evoking a range of emotions from fear to excitement. We should adopt a readiness mindset and explore the benefits it can offer to organizations.

Current Scenario

  • AI represents a big shift in the way we live and work and the uncertainty surrounding its future impact generates a mix of fear, excitement, curiosity and readiness.
  • We should adopt a mindset of readiness when exploring AI because the potential changes in the next decade could be as impactful as the shifts brought about by fire, agriculture and electricity.
  • AI has undergone big changes, becoming a powerful force with broad applications and its impact is felt not only on a global scale but also in everyday scenarios, such as education.
  • Unlike the past when AI was a more abstract concept, today it has become realistic, accessible and impactful, particularly for non-developers.
    • The accessibility of AI tools is demonstrated through instances like Wix’s AI, which can generate entire websites for specific purposes.

  • AI tools empower individuals to leverage AI for creative and practical purposes. However, it also raises ethical concerns, particularly regarding the potential misuse of AI-generated content for fraudulent activities in various domains, from social media influencers to artistic creations.

What’s Next

  • Organizations should come up with practical strategies to build buy-in for AI initiatives, encouraging individuals and teams to embrace AI, experiment with it and ultimately recognize its potential benefit.
  • The affordability and accessibility of ChatGPT make it a future-proof, cost-effective and high-return investment.
  • Each member needs to understand how to “paddle” in the AI landscape, not limited to developers or specific teams.

  • Exploring specific AI examples within one’s industry can be motivating to get everyone on board.
  • five-level self-assessment framework for AI learning
    • Level 0 – for AI beginners and includes setting up a ChatGPT account.
    • Level 1 – Deeply working with ChatGPT.
    • Level 2 – playing with plugins to enhance your experience – available in ChatGPT for extra cost.
    • Level 3 – for companies – be sure you understand AI and its benefits before investing in AI-based tools.
    • Level 4 – Coding AI – applicable if you consider scenarios like accelerated AI development, increased AI focus from competitors, or new players entering your market using AI shortcuts.


Implications – Organizations need to approach AI strategically, encouraging a culture of readiness, ethical considerations and understanding.

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Source: Trend Hunter, December 2023 webinar

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