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Holiday Shopping – Price Wars

holiday shopping

Pearl Strategy and Innovation Design recently reviewed this research and here is our take.

Holiday Shopping is now here.


  • While inflation may be easing up, shoppers are not feeling out of the woods quite yet. According to research firm Numerator, half of consumers expect inflation
    or a potential economic slowdown to impact their 2023 holiday celebrations and shopping. To save money, two-thirds of shoppers say they’ll buy holiday items on sale, and half will buy fewer items overall.
  • The pressure to squeeze every dollar makes it more likely consumers will throw loyalty out the window and buy from whichever retailer has the best prices. A 2023 study by PYMNTs found that 47% of grocery shoppers have already switched to different retailers due to lower prices.

Which retailers are best positioned to deliver deals/value to the consumer?

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Home Depot
  • Best Buy
  • Wayfair

While Amazon gets the most recognition for the lowest price, 7 years in a row. There is only a 4% gap between Amazon and Walmart on all major categories, like appliances and electronics, tools and home improvements.

During a three month period of comparing online prices daily, Walmart and Amazon  have identical prices across identical products, 70% of the time, highlighting the fierce rivalry between these two giants.

With 82% of U.S. consumers price-comparing across retailers before buying, it’s vital for retailers to not only have the largest average price discounts but also “appear” to be the most affordable option whenever a consumer decides to shop. The more frequently a consumer finds a retailer offering lower prices than others, the more they’ll perceive that retailer as consistently cheaper, making it their go-to choice.

Implications: Align the key retailers to your sales strategy, product or service to deliver to your consumer and customer needs.

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Source: Profiteno, November 30, 2023

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