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Grocery Retailers are Going Green

Pearl Strategy and Innovation Design Inc recently reviewed Mintel information on grocery retailers adopting more environment-friendly practices and here is our take on it.

Summary: Grocery retailers worldwide are adapting to the growing concern for sustainability, evident in changing consumer habits. This blog explores two major areas of focus – addressing food waste and reducing plastic packaging.


  1. Tackling Food Waste

Grocery retailers globally are actively responding to consumer efforts to reduce food wastage.

The promotion of ‘imperfect’ or discounted fruits and vegetables has become a popular strategy, aligning with eco-friendly choices.

Initiatives like re-evaluating date labels on products and collaborating with food waste apps showcase a commitment to reducing overall food wastage.

  1. Removing Plastic Packaging

Single-use plastics have become a global focus for consumers, prompting grocery retailers to prioritize plastic-free, recyclable, and compostable packaging. The introduction of charges for plastic bags in supermarkets and initiatives promoting customers to use their own containers is an example of the industry’s commitment to minimizing plastic waste.

Consumer Response:

  • Consumer preferences globally indicate a strong inclination towards sustainable packaging choices.
  • Creative initiatives such as refill stations and discounted soon-to-expire foods are gaining widespread acceptance, as consumers seek convenient and cost-effective ways to adopt more sustainable lifestyles.


Implications: In essence, the shift towards sustainability implies that organizations must proactively embrace environmentally responsible practices, innovate to address sustainability challenges, and communicate these efforts transparently to build trust and loyalty among consumers.

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Source: Mintel, December 2023

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