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CMA Insights – 5 Key Takeaways


Pearl attended the CMA Insights Morning Event yesterday. Today we are sharing with you some of our favourite insights.

1. Performance of an ad in a secondary market is mostly dependent on brand development and cultural variables. Never assume you can transfer an ad between Canada & the US without giving it a gut check. There are major differences when it comes to brand status, category experience, cultural differences and consumer demographics.

2. Leverage the emerging phenomenon of Polyculturalism. This is a two-way exchange by which minority cultures are influencing mainstream, and vice-versa. This omnidirectional influence is growing among younger cohorts in particular.

3. There is a need to re-examine stereotypes in advertising. Although many marketers feel they are avoiding gender stereotypes in advertising, consumers don’t. There is room to optimize the way we portray women in advertising.

4. Personalization is a means of meeting consumer needs more effectively and efficiently. The goal of personalization is to increase consumer satisfaction and the likelihood to repeat purchase. Personalisation has become a consumer expectation and an important element of business strategy.

5. Use data as a starting point for your story. Distill down to the most important data about your consumer. Story telling can can be a powerful tool that will help you align your key stakeholders.

Source: CMAinsights Morning Event, Feb 28 2019. Featuring speakers from Kantar & MasterCard.

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