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Canadian Chain Restaurant Industry Review – Pearl Insights

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Pearl Strategy and Innovation Design recently attended this conference. Below are some of the top insights and implications we are sharing with you to help you design your business growth.



We are moving from a transactional relationship with consumers and customers.

Key success factors are understanding the consumer and customer, understanding the competition, the economy, technology, market growth and labour resources to staff your teams.


Food Service Splits into Commercial and Non Commercial

Commercial relates to quick service, full service, contract and catering industry is up 8.6%

Non Commercial which consists of accommodation foodservice, institutions is up 14.6%

Experience Matters

Consumers want to experience new things they can’t get at home. They want entertainment, ambiance, they want to be social. Live music, watching sports are part of this. New experiences too.

When consumers have a good experience they are more likely to return- repeat costs less than acquiring new consumers. Research in experience shows that experience is more important than the food. We know this at Pearl. Emotional benefits trump functional benefits.

Technology Focus

As we all know technology is becoming increasingly more important.
80% of all occasions of purchasing products or services are done on mobile
Loyalty programs play into it-40% include involvement on these programs


Understand where business opportunities lie, understand your consumer or customer, deliver on experience, embrace technology.

If you want insights, strategy or innovation connect with us at or Susan Weaver at 416-908-2446.

Source: 2023 Canadian Chain Restaurant Industry Review

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